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Cutting Board Oil by Gava Shop

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Introducing the Gava Shop Cutting Board Oil

Introducing our Cutting Board Oil - the ultimate solution to reviving your worn-out cutting boards! Say goodbye to dull, dry surfaces and hello to a renewed, lustrous finish. Our Cutting Board Oil has been specially formulated to bring back the richness and restore the natural beauty of your beloved boards.

Experience the transformation as our Cutting Board Oil works its magic, penetrating deep into the wood fibers, nourishing them from within. With just a few simple applications, your once tired and worn-out board will be revitalized, regaining its original softness and smoothness.

Not only does our Cutting Board Oil enhance the appearance of your boards, but it also provides a protective barrier against moisture and bacteria. By sealing the pores of the wood, it prevents water absorption, reducing the risk of warping or cracking. Rest assured, your cutting boards will be in pristine condition, ready to withstand the test of time.

Crafted with the highest quality ingredients, our Cutting Board Oil is food-safe and free from harmful chemicals. We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy kitchen environment, which is why our oil is odorless and tasteless, ensuring it won't alter the flavor of your food.

Benefits of Conditioning your wooden kitchenware with mineral oil

 ✓ PREVENTS DRYING & CRACKING | Designed to penetrate deep into wood fibers to moisturize and condition. Prolongs the life of wood kitchenware by preventing cracking due to over drying.   

  CLEANS & ELIMINATES ODORS | Enhanced with a proprietary blend of pure mineral oil & vitamin E that help to naturally eliminate odor causing bacteria, without transferring onto food. Makes cleaning easier by creating a finish that prevents food from drying and getting stuck onto the wood.

 ✓ DOES NOT GO RANCID | Made with a solvent-less, refined mineral oil base that has had it’s long-chain fatty acids removed. As a result, the oil stays in a liquid state and will not go rancid like common cooking oils.

    DIRECTIONS: Wash your wooden cutting board or butcher block with warm water and a mild soap. Stand and allow to dry. Do not lay flat, this will cause warping and splitting.
    Apply a teaspoon of Cutting Board Oil to both sides and spread the oil using a clean microfiber cloth, allow to dry for 30 minutes. Additional coats may be required for new or dry wood.

     IDEAL FOR: Wooden Cutting Boards, Wooden Butcher Blocks, wooden Kitchenware, Wooden Kitchen Utensils, Wooden Salad Bowls etc...

    INGREDIENTS: Refined Mineral Oil, Proprietary Blend of Pure Essential Oils & Vitamin E.

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