Monogrammed cutting board with a beautiful capital letter. Hand crafted from walnut, Mahogany and Maple hardwood.

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Elevate your gifting with our exquisite Personalized Cutting Board—a true embodiment of sentiment and style. Whether it's a cherished monogram, a celebration of love at a wedding or anniversary, a thoughtful gesture for her or him, or a warm welcome to a new home, this cutting board is a masterpiece that holds memories and moments.

Crafted with care, our cutting board comes in your choice of black walnut, mahogany, or maple, each with its unique allure. The personalization transforms it into a treasured keepsake, symbolizing the uniqueness of your bond or the joy of a new beginning.

Make your gift an enduring memory, a token of appreciation, and a functional work of art all in one. Embrace the joy of giving with our Personalized Cutting Board—where personal touch meets timeless elegance.

Use and Care:
*Hand Wash Only

*Never put your board in the dishwasher as this will result in warping and splitting due to high temperature exposures.

*Use mineral oil to season board occasionally as needed to preserve the life of your board.

Please be aware that the nature of all woods vary in coloring and grain composition and no two pieces will look the same.