First year couples personalized hardwood storage box | The perfect gift for any couple on their first anniversary.


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Celebrate your first year milestone in style with this luxurious personalized 1st Anniversary box. Custom-made from premium hard wood, this exquisitely crafted box is the perfect gift for your beloved, containing two beautifully written letters that express your ten reasons for loving each other. Make this precious day even more special with a unique and heartfelt gift that will be forever remembered.

Our 1st Year Anniversary Box comes in one size, 12"x12"x5" with antiqued bronze colored 90-degree antique butt hinges and latch as shown in photos.
It also comes with the crinkle for padding the wine and glasses.

"Wine is not included"

Hand made in your choice of black walnut, mahogany or maple with Oak tree and personalized love message engraved on top and the inside as shown in the first photo.
It can be personalized with or without your name, initials, and any message on the inside lid.

If you are interested in a custom designed box please feel free to message us.

Main photo is 12x12x5 inch box in Mahogany.

Our Boxes
All of our boxes are made from premium hardwood, no plywood or particleboard! We do not stain or paint any of our boxes.
Each box is hand made.

Choose from 3 different woods Black walnut, Mahogany and Maple. Please note that the wood grain will vary from box to box.

Walnut is rich dark with heart and sap wood properties.

Maple wood varies and can be very light with little variation of darker colors of grain, the engravings shows very well on this lighter wood.

Mahogany is a warm reddish wood and very consistant in color. The engravings shows very well.

How To Order:
1. Select wood type and size from the pull down tab.

2. Add your personalized info in the text box provided. Please be EXACT and double check to make sure all spellings are accurate. Type exactly what you would like to be engraved in the box below. Please be exact in capitalizing, Punctuation & dates.
**Engraving will be done based on what is typed in box & our normal design layouts**

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